Spread the joy and experiences
brought by Japanese knives

Thanks to their sharp edges and excellent usability, Japanese knives are loved by many professionals all over the world.
On the other hand, it is also true that quite a fair number of people, especially non-professional chefs, feel intimidated about using high-quality Japanese knives. We hear people say that there are just too many kinds of knives, they are not sure which knife they should choose, the maintenance process is overly complicated, etc.

High-quality Japanese knives are, first and foremost, made for everyday use and not only for professionals.
Experienced craftsmen produce outstanding products, so that they can be used for many years to come.
hese knives can be part of your lifestyle and can be sharpened repeatedly until no blade is left. They can be inherited to the next generation, just like you would with brand bags or watches.

We strive to eliminate misunderstandings about Japanese knives, and spread their charm, value, and possibilities to many more people.
In this age of abundance and endless disposal, we want to appreciate the joy of cherishing something and feeling it become part of ourselves. Through our products, you will be able to experience your tiny bud of curiosity blooming into your lifestyle.


Lifestyles with Japanese knives

Japanese knives are created by a combination of the time-honored tradition of bladesmithing and craftsmen's superb techniques that have been carried over generations.
We carefully look at these traditional gems and strive to create knives that are sought after by many people. Knives do not choose users, but users pursue excellent knives.
We focus on people's everyday lives that transition as time goes by. Our passion is to create knives that naturally fit into our lives, regardless of culture, region, or generation. In addition, we suggest ideas of lifestyles where you can fully appreciate and use your quality knife.

The knives we offer will broaden our views and color our lives, from finding new activities we enjoy, to creating new connections with people. This way, we believe that Japanese knives will not only be valued as a traditional craft, but will also become part of our lives.


Expand the possibilities of Japanese knives into the future

The origin of Steelstyle is a traditional hardware store with 150 years of history. While we carry on the long history and passion for knives, we strive to expand the possibilities of Japanese knives through flexible attitudes and approaches that are not shackled by past customs and conventional ideas.

We inherit the culture of Japanese knives in a way that suits this modern age, in order to eliminate stereotypes and make these knives more accessible. We are passionate about spreading the real value of the knives that we are so proud of.

We are also hopeful that our approach will ultimately contribute to the development of the bladesmithing industry in Japan, which is now sadly declining due to a decreasing workforce population.