The only knife in the world
that carries your voice and message
for someone you love



A knife as a gift to someone you care

In Japan, it is generally considered discourteous to send a knife as a gift. However, should it really be perceived that way? This question was the genesis of HEART KNIFE.

We have all had the time when we were not sure what we should send for someone's congratulatory occasions. You have probably chosen a gift just because it was something that anyone would like.
Or perhaps, you couldn't spare enough time to carefully select a gift, and ended up choosing something that was not necessarily unique.

When you choose a present for someone who likes cooking, a knife makes an excellent, thoughtful gift. Such gifts are not chosen out of self-satisfaction, or because you are playing it safe.
If you are able to express the care and thoughts that go into the gift selection process, we are confident that the recipient will appreciate it greatly.



Connecting the heart of the sender and recipient

What are the knives that are able to transfer the sender's thoughts to the recipient?

That's when the idea of HEART KNIFE came to our mind. If we could send a customized knife where the sender can choose the blade and handle, and put an engraved voice message on the blade, that would be a really unique, special gift.

HEART KNIFE is the result of our re-discovery of gift products that will truly connect the heart of the sender and recipient.



Product design that focuses on people

When we send a present, we want the recipient to use it as long as possible.
That's why we ensure that our HEART KNIFE has the sharpest edge and highest quality possible, while it is also easy to use.
In order to create our ideal knives, we are passionately working with Aoki Hamono Seisakusho in Sakai, Osaka.

The recipient of the HEART KNIFE will not only be able to visually receive the voice message engraved on the blade, but they will also be able to listen to it using our smartphone app.

Through our HEART KNIFE, you can tangibly feel our passion to create products that can be embraced many years after purchase.



Passionate collaboration started from walk-in sales

Finding a manufacturer for HEART KNIFE was not an easy task. After countless unsuccessful negotiations, we visited Aoki Hamono Seisakusho, which manages a well-known knife brand, "Sakai Takayuki".
At first, it seemed that we were going to have another failed attempt. However, thanks to Mr. Aoki's generosity to support our entrepreneurial spirit, we were able to discover our shared passion for the necessity of undertaking something innovative, in order to contribute to the future of the knife industry. That was the first time that we had an opportunity to discuss our brand-new idea for HEART KNIFE, which resulted in our collaboration for the production.

We repeated many trials and errors for engraving sound waves on the blade and made technically challenging requests. Without the tremendous support by Aoki Hamono Seisakusho, our dream of gift knives would have never come true.




Creating the culture of gifting a knife

Through HEART KNIFE, we want to connect the heart of the sender and recipient, and hope people to realize that knives are thoughtful gifts. HEART KNIFE was created for both the sender and recipient to share a special moment. The sender will be able to customize the knife, record their message to be engraved, and enjoy the process of creating the only knife of its kind in the world. The recipient will receive the special gift as well as the heartfelt thought that went into the production process.

Knives are not disrespectful presents. We want to eliminate this long-established superstition through HEART KNIFE.

We believe that our HEART KNIFE will help create the culture where knives are considered as one of the best gift ideas.