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Welcome to the world of Japanese knives



The entrance to the world of finest Japanese knives

"Japanese knives are becoming more appreciated all over the world. I'm interested, but I don't know which one I should choose." "I am not confident enough to handle such high-quality knives." "Japanese knives for chefs are really expensive, and they require complicated maintenance procedures."

We want to eliminate these concerns that our customers have, and create opportunities for more people in the world to experience Japanese knives created by expert bladesmiths.
This passion lies at the heart of our products. We, Hayashi Hardware, make the most of our 150 years of experience and knowledge to offer knives that anyone can comfortably select and use.

Are you interested in Japanese knives that are easy to use at home, at attractive prices, and with excellent quality? Then, we are here to assist you with comprehensive support options for your post-purchase questions or concerns.



Concierge of Japanese knives

For people who are interested in Japanese knives but are not certain which one to choose, we want to present the entrance to the world of Japanese knives.
We always want to be close to customers when they have concerns about maintenance of their knives, when their knives need repairs, or when they are not confident whether they can handle high-quality knives.
We want to spread the charm and joy of owning a Japanese knife, and support whomever is keen on using these products.

Hayashi Hardware aims to be a concierge that addresses any questions or concerns related to Japanese knives.



Japanese knives for use at home

Currently, Hayashi Hardware is at what we call the "Phase 1", where we aim to offer our customers' first high-quality, sharp knives for use at home, created by skilled bladesmiths. One of the noteworthy aspects of this brand is that we offer 4 exclusive kinds of Santoku knives. This helps make Japanese knives more accessible to people who may have less experience with them.

At "Phase 2" and after, we are excited to expand our product line while continuing with our concept of offering knives for use at home. We are exploring ideas from smaller knives that are preferable for beginner cooks to different types of knives for passionate chefs.