NEW BRAND coming soon

A truly sought-after knife that offers
unique experiences beyond cutting



Proposing lifestyle ideas revitalized by knives

Japanese knives are starting to be recognized more and more all over the world, particularly for their stunning sharpness.

Regrettably, however, the primary users of these knives are still limited to professional chefs and those who are passionate about cooking. This tendency remains to be prominent even in Japan.

We want to spread the advantage and joy of Japanese knives created by skillful craftsmen.

In order to create knives that are truly sought after by people, we allow no compromise in our business process. Our new brand aims at proposing a variety of lifestyle ideas which can be achieved through our knife products.



Focus on "who" uses the knife and "how"

Using the advanced techniques to produce Japanese knives, we are creating products that fit into people's everyday lives. Our knives go beyond being a tool for cutting, and open doors to exciting opportunities such as discovery of new hobbies and expansion of friendship.

This brand focuses on "who uses the knife, when and how", rather than "what" the knife cuts. We truly care about the users and create products that fit into their lifestyles.

Through our knives and original products, we hope to enrich people's everyday lives.
That is the ultimate goal of this brand-new brand.



We started the launch process of this new brand in the fall of 2017.
As we created a brand from scratch, we wondered what kind of knives people truly wish for. In seeking answers to this question, we collaborated with many different creators and manufactures across industries to gradually shape this brand.
Through tiny steps, we are finally close to the final phase of materializing products for this brand.

Due to the unexpected COVID-19 situation, the process for product development had to slow down. However, we are working diligently to unveil our new brand in 2022.
Stay tuned for more announcements on our website.